What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is All About You.
It is a health-focused patient centered partnership where the doctor and patient work together to dig deep and find the causes of illness and disease.

Functional Medicine is not Assembly Line Medicine.
It is not unusual for the Sastun Direct staff to spend an hour or more with patients, listening to their history, doing detective work, asking questions, and examining the genetic, environmental, and life patterns that effect their health. Functional Medicine practitioners design unique and personalized healing plans for their patients.

Functional Medicine is the Best of Both Worlds.
Functional medicine is not an either/or system rather it is a combination of conventional medicine and many different alternative and complementary therapies. By drawing from an array of different approaches and paying close attention to diet, exercise, nutrition, supplementation, and stress reduction we are able to give patients sustainable wellness and vitality.

Functional Medicine Looks for the Cause
In functional medicine we use specialized testing to find the underlying imbalances—what actually causes the disease.  By looking at and treating the root problem we can then treat the disease.

Functional Medicine is Medicine on a Mission.
We are on a mission to help people. We believe strongly the unwell can transform their health.  The patient needs to do the work as we can’t do it for them, but as partners, we will work to restore balance and health in their lives. Watching a person transition from illness to wellness is our greatest joy!

Functional Medicine is True Health
We now have the knowledge to offer patients a better approach to their health. We can incorporate lifestyle medicine, nutrition, supplements, stress reduction techniques, and exercise to improve the function of organs, prevent disease, and create vibrant, sustainable health!