Jane C.

Jane C.

I thought the Stress Reduction Program was time well spent. The meetings with Ginny and Liz, just talking about what things were causing stress in my life, were helpful just to have someone listen and go, “Yes, that’s a lot to deal with.”

The Heart Math sessions, especially the exercise with the “rollercoaster” of dots to breathe in and out, is something I visualize and use frequently when feeling stressed or anxious.

The energy sessions with Liz were great! Will have to come back for more of those.

Brain Tap. I’m still not quite sure how I feel about Brain Tap. I always fell asleep while listening to those, or was hypnotized or something. Whatever the case may be, I do feel like I am better focused in my work and not feeling quite so overwhelmed with all the tasks on my to-do-list.

I would definitely recommend the Stress Reduction Program. I’ll miss coming in and seeing all of you every week!