Well today is a new day! The last 5 days have been very difficult. Emotions of Grieving the death of a mother like aunt, choices my daughter made, complications reflected onto my granddaughter were a lot to deal with. Yesterday was a full day of war with my body wanting comfort from food. I even tried my happy place of playing golf but couldn’t even do that. I wanted to escape, isolate, and run as fast as I could and cram food into my mouth. I was paralyzed to even think of my tools. I knew that if I cheated , there would be no going back and then I would have guilt and shame. I certainly Wasn’t giving myself any grace, love, or care. I forgot to use my faith and pray. It was like being trapped in a deep hole. I did reach out to a dear friend at home. I forget sometimes I’m not suppose to handle everything solo! Lots of tears yesterday, epsom salt bath and brain tap-and prayer. I found it difficult to even brain tap at first. My back and legs were suddenly giving me so much pain I could hardly walk. My body was forcing me to stop. I did and had to sit with all those emotions and let the tears flow. I was determined to get back on track today and hearing voices and listening to Liz was so helpful. I feel so much stronger today. I can’t tell you how much this group means to me.