Yesterday was an extremely emotional day for me. I was a little more stressed but my emotions where all over the place. My sweet husband took today off to spend time with me. 4 So far today has been much better but this journey has been an emotional rollercoaster for me.
My depression has been well controlled for years but something about this journey has definitely impacted it. I decided to start this journey at 3:30 on Friday the day before. I’m not sure if it’s related to me jumping in head first and not being mentally prepared or simply because food has been a coping mechanism for me my entire life & now it’s not. I’m learning to find new & healthier ways to cope with stress & my emotions which is something I’ve been needing & wanting to do for years. Just another positive impact this journey has had on my life. 7-7
I decided to share this with you ladies because I want you to know that if you’re struggling emotionally, you’re not alone! I get it & I’m right there beside you
Hugs ladies! Happy Friday!!