Today, I *completed* a 24 minute professionally taught beginners’ yoga class/session, even though I used some props. BUT I DID IT!!
Unfortunately, I forgot to set my iWatch workout/ fitness tracker just before I started my Daily Yoga app’s yoga class/session today. 2 .
My yoga class/session today focused on breathing, posture, stretching, and meditation. I feel a little more focused, calm, and energized than I usually do by midday.
Aaaannnddd I’m 8 pounds away from reaching my “reasonable” goal weight that I had planned to reach in late June 2020.
Background: I haven’t been able to do ANY decent yoga poses or classes for 6+ years (broken foot & other health issues), even when I had tried Dummies 101 Begginer Level.
Last week I had planned to slowly ease back into yoga this week (I’m feeling a little more physically capable since progressing with MRP), and my BrainTap sessions yesterday