Well today is a new day! The last 5 days have been very difficult. Emotions of Grieving the death of a mother like aunt, choices my daughter made, complications reflected onto my granddaughter were a lot to deal with. Yesterday was a full day of war with my body wanting comfort from food. I even tried my happy place of playing golf but couldn’t even do that. I wanted to escape, isolate, and run as fast as I could and cram food into my mouth. I was paralyzed to even think of my tools. I knew that if I cheated , there would be no going back and then I would have guilt and shame. I certainly Wasn’t giving myself any grace, love, or care. I forgot to use my faith and pray. It was like being trapped in a deep hole. I did reach out to a dear friend at home. I forget sometimes I’m not suppose to handle everything solo! Lots of tears yesterday, epsom salt bath and brain tap-and prayer. I found it difficult to even brain tap at first. My back and legs were suddenly giving me so much pain I could hardly walk. My body was forcing me to stop. I did and had to sit with all those emotions and let the tears flow. I was determined to get back on track today and hearing voices and listening to Liz was so helpful. I feel so much stronger today. I can’t tell you how much this group means to me.

Yesterday was an extremely emotional day for me. I was a little more stressed but my emotions where all over the place. My sweet husband took today off to spend time with me. 4 So far today has been much better but this journey has been an emotional rollercoaster for me.
My depression has been well controlled for years but something about this journey has definitely impacted it. I decided to start this journey at 3:30 on Friday the day before. I’m not sure if it’s related to me jumping in head first and not being mentally prepared or simply because food has been a coping mechanism for me my entire life & now it’s not. I’m learning to find new & healthier ways to cope with stress & my emotions which is something I’ve been needing & wanting to do for years. Just another positive impact this journey has had on my life. 7-7
I decided to share this with you ladies because I want you to know that if you’re struggling emotionally, you’re not alone! I get it & I’m right there beside you
Hugs ladies! Happy Friday!!

Heidi E.

Hi everyone, thanks for the support as I get going on this. I have had a severe detox headache since last night which surprised me because it was so early in the process. But then I stepped on the scale this morning and had lost 5.8 pounds and it made sense! All the toxins from those pounds are in my head! I brain tapped three times, took extra detox support and had a detox bath, any other suggestions I might try?

Today, I *completed* a 24 minute professionally taught beginners’ yoga class/session, even though I used some props. BUT I DID IT!!
Unfortunately, I forgot to set my iWatch workout/ fitness tracker just before I started my Daily Yoga app’s yoga class/session today. 2 .
My yoga class/session today focused on breathing, posture, stretching, and meditation. I feel a little more focused, calm, and energized than I usually do by midday.
Aaaannnddd I’m 8 pounds away from reaching my “reasonable” goal weight that I had planned to reach in late June 2020.
Background: I haven’t been able to do ANY decent yoga poses or classes for 6+ years (broken foot & other health issues), even when I had tried Dummies 101 Begginer Level.
Last week I had planned to slowly ease back into yoga this week (I’m feeling a little more physically capable since progressing with MRP), and my BrainTap sessions yesterday

Bobbi M.

For a week I sat on the same weight, some days loosing and gaining the same 2pounds all week long. Elimination continued to be a problem. What a cycle. The more I tried to move my bowels, the more distended and bloated and gassed I felt. In golf when you are struggling, you go back to your basics. That’s what I did, went back to the beginning. So appreciate the messages this group adds. Just the incentive sometimes we need. I also examined my “WHY”, goals and truths. Switched my negative disappointment to positive. This last week was temporary, it wasn’t final. I can’t believe we have only a short time left. This morning was a break thru. Total loss of 23#. That is exciting! I’m not ready for maintenance. I fear maintenance and yet at same time I look forward to eating other foods. So many times in the past when did maintenance I couldn’t go back to loosing phase. This will be a time we will really need each other. Have a fabulous day and remember YOU are a Queen!