Adra McCrea RN

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(913) 380-1903


8756 W 151st St Overland Park, KS 66221

Adra McCrea RN

Patient Care Coordinator

Adra serves as your nurse extraordinaire and patient coordinator!  She will work to help you get all of the details done. Her attention to detail will benefit you!   For many generations, the women in her family have not lived past 70 years, so she is doing something about that!  Her plan is to be healthy and vibrant so she can see her future grandchildren grow up, she started her health and wellness journey in 2016. Adra says, “It has been a slow process of learning and changing my habits”.

She loves to read, crochet and craft when she is not taking care of her 5 kids (yes 5!). She can’t wait to take care of you, too!