Energy Healing Sessions

Liz’s Energy Healing Sessions

What is energy healing? 

We are each comprised of energy, and energy fields, which interconnect us to all things, according to quantum physics. A bolt of lightning is 1 billion volts. Yet, a human cell generates .07 volts of electricity. At 37.5 trillion cells, that’s 2.625 trillion volts in a human body. Subtle energy medicine involves the study and application of the body’s relationship to electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields, as well as light, sound, and other forms of energy.  Energy healing, put very simply, is a set of science-based practices that align the energy running through the subtle body properly, so that we can heal, both mentally and physically, and live to our fullest potential with body, mind and soul in balance. 

How does subtle energy work?

Every cell and organ of our body pulses with electricity. This electricity generates magnetic fields, which surround our entire bodies, including each of our cells and organs. Biofields or bio magnetic fields are terms used to refer to the energy fields of our bodies. These magnetic fields combine to create electromagnetic fields, which not only spread out from us, but also connect us to every other living being. Energy is spread between living beings through these fields. It is known that biofields exist because they have been imaged with newer technology, including Kirlian photography, aura imaging, and gas-discharge visualization. This equipment shows dramatic differences in people’s biofields before and after subtle energy treatments.

What sorts of ailments does energy medicine help to heal?

Energy medicine achieves many goals as far as healing goes. These therapies aid in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues of all sorts.  Energy sessions are ideal for stress or pain, addictions, and emotional issues. Also, broad physical categories like ear, nose and throat conditions, heart related issues, muscle problems, common ailments like infections, skin conditions, and more. They are also recommended for issues involving boundaries, for protection, and for environmental sensitives. 

What might an energy healing session look like?

First, we will chat to identify any pain (mental/physical), limiting beliefs, acute issues or chronic issues that need attention. Then I will read your energetic field and identify imbalances in your chakra system and meridians using my hands and divining rods. Next I will identify which essential oils need to be used to balance the chakra system. Together we will choose a sound hertz therapy, or chakra balancing music, to be used during the session. 

Lastly, I will decide on a course of treatment for the session which will include one, or more, of the following: reiki, healing touch, chakra balancing bodywork, ear seeds for chakra balancing along the spine of the ear, acupressure along the ten golden acupoints, trigger points and color therapy.

Liz’s Credentials:

Reiki Master, Graduate of Foundations of Healing Touch from Healing Beyond Borders, Acupressure Certification. Currently studying Hypnotherapy and NLP and will add them to my sessions soon!

Raindrop Healing Technique

Raindrop Technique incorporates calming, energizing, and soothing essential oils with traditional massage practices. When Raindrop is performed correctly, application of the pure, Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ essential oils result in:

-Energy Alignment

-Stress Relief

-All Natural Healing

-Improved Physical Health

-Improves Circulation

Raindrop Technique is a result of combining ancient Lakota Wisdom with the Latest in essential oil research. By integrating gentle massage sequences with specific essential oils.