Functional Medicine Program

The Sastun Essentials Program is a 6 Month comprehensive functional medicine program dedicated to addressing the root causes of your health problems. It is never our goal to “treat” any conditions that our women present with. We do, however, find what they are missing and replace whatever is interfering with their health.

Metabolic Reset Program: Weight Loss

Introducing the Metabolic Reset - Our 10-Week  Weight Loss Program Helping People Lose 15-45 lbs! The Metabolic Reset helps participants lose excess weight and learn how to be healthy for life! We are committed to improving the health and well being of all our clients. Our 10-week...

12-Week Stress Reduction Program

Did you know that stress is enemy #1? Stress has been linked to every chronic disease, yet is often overlooked because we all seem to have it.
Even if you know stress contributes to your health problems (like thyroid dysfunction, hormone imbalance, and fatigue), how do you get out of it?

Free 30-Day Program

Are you confused by all the information available on Dr. Google? Are you ready to get healthy but not quite sure where to start? If so, you are in the right place.  We have sifted through all that information and know the best “hacks” to help you get healthy. 

Energy Healing Sessions

Liz’s Energy Healing Sessions $100 for 60 minutes/ $50 for 30 minutes  $125 for 90 minutes Raindrop Therapy Members:  $60 for 60 minutes/ $ 30 for 30 minutes.  What is energy healing?  We are each comprised of energy, and energy fields, which interconnect us to…