Are You Tired of Waiting Forever for a 7 Minute Doctor Appointment?

Are You Tired of Waiting Forever for a 7 Minute Doctor Appointment?

Service: The hallmark of DPC is adequate time spent between patient and physician, creating a lasting doctor-patient relationship. Supported by easy access to care, DPC enables unhurried interactions and discussions to assess lifestyle choices and treatment decisions aimed at long term health and wellbeing. DPC practices have  ready access to urgent care, and patient panel sizes small enough to support this commitment to service.

Patient Choice: Patients in DPC choose their own personal physician and are partners in their healthcare. Empowered by accurate information at the point of care, patients are fully involved in making their own medical and financial choices. DPC patients have the right to transparent pricing, access, and availability of all services provided.

Advocacy: DPC providers are committed advocates for patients within the healthcare system. They have time to make informed, appropriate referrals and support patient needs.  DPC providers accept the responsibility to be available to patients serving as patient guides. No matter where patients are in the system, physicians provide them with information about the quality, cost, and patient experience of care.

Stewardship: DPC providers believe that healthcare must provide more value to the patient and the system. Healthcare can, and must, be higher-performing, more patient-responsive, less invasive, and less expensive than it is today. The ultimate goal is health and wellbeing, not simply the treatment of disease.

So how does it work?

Patients pay a monthly or annual membership fee.  We take care of you.  We focus on health and wellness.   We love taking care of kids too!  We use functional medicine for the evaluation/prevention of chronic medical conditions.  We help you bring your body to balance.  Also because fee for service is no longer a thing after your first appointment we are able to give you appointments via text, video or phone. Whatever is convenient for you.  We will be able to take care of your urgent needs such as a cold, abscess, UTI, and simple cuts to help keep  you out of urgent care. We want to get to know you and your family.