6-Week Immune Boosting Course

6 Week Immune Boosting Course 

With the threat of the coronavirus, staying healthy by supporting your immune system is ripe on everyone’s mind. These are uncertain times, and there are no guarantees. However, there is much you can do to strengthen your immune system and reduce your chances of infection! 

Our medical experts at Sastun Direct offer a 6-week immune boosting course to achieve optimal health while building up stronger immunity. Throughout the course, we tackle education, diet, and lifestyle choices. Our course offers a comprehensive approach to health and wellness from a natural standpoint. We provide practical solutions for healthy living.


A Brief Outline of Our 6-Week Immune Boosting Course

Week 1 – Overview of the Immune System

We discuss how to strengthen your body and make it less susceptible to colds & infections. 

Week 2 – Change your diet, change your immunity!

Learn how to determine the right diet to boost your immune system. Covering the 30-Day Renew Diet, water intake, food, and mindfulness techniques. 

Week 3 –   Stress Reduction Techniques

Learn how we boost our immune system by reducing your stress.

Week 4 – Sleep your way to a Strong Immune System!

How many hours do you need? How do you get them?

Week 5 – Exercise for your Immunity!

The right amount of exercise boosts your immunity, while overtraining can hinder it. Learn how much is just enough and not too much. We also discuss Yoga’s usefulness in strengthening the immune system. 

Week 6 – Supplementation

What supplements support your immune system? Find out the Why? How? And What? 

Bonus Module Start your day right! 

What is the best morning routine for you and your system? We’ll dive into this and much more. 

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We understand these are trying times for most people. Hence, we’re currently offering significant discounts on our immune boosting courses! 

Immune Boosting Course Pricing

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Immune Boosting Course /w Personal Coaching Included

$599.00 – on sale right now for $400! 

Installment payments accepted. We can currently accept 2 installments of $200 each. 

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There’s never been a more crucial time to start evaluating and improving your habits, diet, and lifestyle. Our course provides you with all of the tools you need to start living healthy! Contact us today to make a positive change in your life.