12-Week Stress Reduction Program

Stress to Strength

Did you know that stress is enemy #1? Stress has been linked to every chronic disease, yet is often overlooked because we all seem to have it.

Even if you know stress contributes to your health problems (like thyroid dysfunction, hormone imbalance, and fatigue), how do you get out of it?

Our stress reduction program uses a revolutionary device called brain-tap that helps you to de-stress in 20 minutes—guaranteed. When you use it regularly, your life will change for the better! We also provide health coaching, classes, and group support to help you reduce stress. Change your life and your health by getting into your parasympathetic nervous system (and out of the sympathetic nervous system), guaranteed!

What does the program look like?

●12 Brain Tap Sessions
● Home Brain Tap App
● 6 Health Coach Sessions
● 6 Online Classes
● Private FB group

● Non-Members : $600

● Members : $300

● Essentials Patients: $0