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Menopause Method Program

Our ‘Menopause Method’ program includes coaching and support throughout every step of the menopause phase.

Functional Medicine Program

The Sastun Essentials Program is a 6 month comprehensive functional medicine program dedicated to…


Metabolic Reset: 10-Week Weight Loss Program

Lose it and learn how to be healthy for life! We are committed to improving the health and we

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Dr. Tramp not only cares about her patients, but she doesn’t just throw pills at symptoms. She knows how to find the root of the disease process and reverse it. She is helping me heal when dozens of other Dr’s said they couldn’t even help me feel better. The whole health care team at Sastun share the goal of helping you be the best you can be. I feel so blessed to have found her and them.

Brenda M.

Dr. Tramp is an amazing doctor! Not only does she have time for me and my issues, but she also devotes so much of her off time to help me heal! I am beyond thankful for finding her!

Angela R.

Old me was overweight, anxious, lacking energy, in pain, not sleeping well or thinking clearly – generally unhappy. Current me is JOYFUL! The team at Sastun has helped me make sense of a lot of food and medical knowledge and how it applies to me specifically. I still have a ways to go on my health journey, but I know I’ll have a great support team in Sastun.

Rene K.

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